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The origin of the ‘Olanda’ as a company dates back to 1965. A.R.M Hussain pioneered the real-estate trade in the south, where he played a key role in organising the sale and development of various notable properties in Galle. A prominent example would be when Hussain was tasked with acquiring a rare beach property and overseeing its development into a luxury bungalow (Cap Coco), on behalf of the famous Gordon Merrick and Charles Hulse. Incredibly, due to the time constraints, Hussain was said to have finished the whole project in just 12 days with the aid of nearly 150 Sri Lankans. Ventures like this solidified the Hussain name as the ‘go-to’ when investing in real estate in the south. This dedication to client satisfaction has now been embodied by the next generation of Hussain’s, Ziham, Umar and Aaisha, who aims to continue the family business by providing clients from all over the world with the best insight on property purchase and development in southern Sri Lanka.

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